Virus and Spam Blocking

Sick and tired of those pesky junk mails in your inbox?
Appologized one too many times to your friends and colleagues because of some nasty virus?

Add anti-virus and anti-spam filtering to your email to reduce the risk of getting infected with a virus, worm, or trojan-horse, and to virtually eliminate junk mail from your Inbox!. *

See our Products Page for more information. See our WHOIS Privacy Page for information about making your domain's contact information private.

Email Services

Customers can have Regzilla host their email service (SMTP and IMAP services). A web-based administrative interface allows the customer to manage user passwords and vacation messages / out-of-office auto-replies, and to manage email forwards and aliases.

Email is included with all Domain Hosting and Website Builder packages, but we can host your email even if you don't have your website hosted with us. We offer both Basic and Corporate Email products to meet your needs.

Basic Email
Our Basic Email product is offered on an address-by-address basis. Each address comes with 10MB of storage space and costs $5.00 per month.

Corporate Email
The Corporate Email product offers 50 email addresses and 20 aliases with 300MB of email storage for $50.00 per month.

Email, Domain Hosting, and Website Builder customers can also subscribe to Virus and Spam filtering services. These services automatically filter and remove viruses and spam (junk mail) from your Inbox. These services can be used separately as needed, or together for added protection.

The Virus Filtering service costs $1.00 per email address per month.
The Spam Filtering service costs $1.00 per email address per month.

Purchase email services.

* Requires a Regzilla hosting package that
includes at least one email address.

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