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Website Builder - Buy It!

Regzilla offers a complete web authoring package for designing and publishing small and medium sized sites.

Our Website Builder package allows you to easily create a web site based on thousands of pre-made templates. You can customize the colors and images on the site, add your own logo, and then create the body of the pages (the words you're reading now) all within an easy to use what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that runs in your browser.

That's right, no software to download, and no need to learn any HTML!

If you can create an Office document or spreadsheet, you can just as easily create your own web site using Regzilla's Website Builder package.

We offer two levels of this service - Basic and Intermediate. Read on for explanations of these services, or compare services side-by-side.

Basic Website Builder - Buy It!
The Basic Website Builder product is sized for individuals looking to establish a presence on the Internet, but not wanting to spend alot of time and money designing a website from scratch. It lets you create a 10-page web site from your choice of thousands of templates with optional splash page, feedback forms, and an image editor. You'll also get an email account, and 500 megabytes of bandwidth, all for only $5.00 per month.

Intermediate Website Builder - Buy It!
The Intermediate Website Builder product is for businesses and others who need more pages, features, or bandwidth. You can create a 30-page site from even more templates using all the features the Basic Website Builder has, plus hit counters, a calendar, driving directions and maps, and a flash intro wizard to make your splash page. Intermediate sites are allowed five email accounts, and 1 gigabyte of bandwidth, for $10.00 per month.

Additional Bandwidth
If you've got alot of people coming to your web site and need more bandwidth, you can easily add more to what's included in your monthly service. Basic customers can purchase more bandwidth in 1 gigabyte increments for $20 more, and Intermediate customers purchase 2 gigabytes increments for $20 more.

How much bandwidth do you need for your site? An average site will be able to serve over 5000 hits a day without needing any more bandwidth than what's included in either hosting service. If you've got a graphics or audio intensive site or your have a great deal of surfers coming to your site every day, you might need to purchase some more bandwidth. (Actual bandwidth use is highly dependent on your site's content and surfing patterns.)

But don't worry, Regzilla's email reports and online graphs will help you monitor and predict your site's usage.

Email Addresses
More email addresses can be added to your domain with our Basic and Advanced Email services.

How to Buy
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